Escape Smart Sitting Room

Escape Smart Sitting Room 1.0.0

85th Escape Game by Quicksailor.

85th Escape Game by Quicksailor.

85th Escape Game by Quicksailor. You are invited to your boss’s house for a small get-together and you are asked to sit in the sitting room to relax before the party begins. As the time passes by, you feel like going out to get some fresh air, and at that moment you find yourself stuck in this room. All you need to do is, there are a lot of useful and helpful objects in the room which will guide you to get out from the place before the party begins. Go ahead make use of all the objects properly in a smart way and get out from this room. Have a skillful escape!

As soon as you get out from the room you move on to the next part of the app, you need to collect all the hidden objects displayed in the panel of the app. You need to be fast and smart enough to collect all the objects before the time runs out and escape from this room. Go ahead play this and have a smart escape! Have fun!

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Go through the place, find all the useful objects and escape from this smart sitting room.


• Free to Download.

• Attractive Graphics.

• Escape App.

• Room Escape App.

• Skill App.

• Challenging App.

• Tricky Smart App.

• Lots of Puzzles to Be Solved.

Escape Smart Sitting Room


Escape Smart Sitting Room 1.0.0